Business Media & Information

Understanding the needs of consumers of information services products is at the heart of OC&C’s Business Media and Information Services practice, and guides our approach to advising clients.

In the fast changing end markets that information services businesses operate, getting clarity on what data and information is required to enable key decisions, and when, is fundamental to success.

OC&C work alongside our clients from large conglomerate Business Media companies to more specialist niche players, and from publishing business models to market research, to workflow solutions. We work with our clients to completely transform their business strategies, help them profit from new technologies, channels to market and underpinning business models. Our work encompasses:

  • Portfolio optimization
  • Developing existing and new propositions
  • Tailoring proposition for new markets
  • Optimizing product costs and managing the product lifecycle
  • Driving go-to market strategies such as pricing and sales force strategies.We work alongside our clients, from long-standing media leaders to newer entrants, to completely transform their business strategies, pursue new technologies and business models, launch new channels, redesign their organizations, find new ways to cut costs and execute acquisitions.
  • Transaction advice and due diligence for corporate and PE clients. 

Our clients tell us they like our passion, the way we talk their language and the language of their customers, and work with them hand in hand to develop pragmatic and winning strategies.