Commodity, Mining & Process Industries

Commodity, Mining and Process Industries have been instrumental in fostering prosperity in the world, especially for emerging markets.

Predicting demand, anticipating the right investments, tying into solid institutional arrangements to balance country risks, dealing with market volatility and supercycles are just a few of the challenges industry leaders face on a daily basis. Investment scale is high, room for adjustment low, and the need for sophisticated judgment based of the available information is paramount.

OC&C provides independent advice to leading metals, mining, chemicals, agribusiness and pulp and paper companies, from large commodity multinationals to niche players around the world. Our insights are supported by deep industry knowledge to help clients shape their strategies and transform their operations in a dynamic global market.

Working in collaboration with our clients, we develop recommendations to unlock value in a broad range of topics, including:
  • Corporate and business unit strategy
  • Overall business growth, innovation and change in competitive positioning, capturing shifting profit pools in the value chain
  • Acquisition targeting, synergy evaluation, post-merger integration and divestment
  • Organizational review
  • Commercial effectiveness, pricing strategy and sales force optimization
  • Operational excellence, including cost reduction and elimination of bottlenecks
  • Improvement of asset utilization, maintenance and outsourcing approach
  • Logistics and distribution strategy, encompassing supply chain planning
  • Performance management