“Making Your Strategy Work: How to Go from Paper to People” goes behind the scenes of some of the world’s biggest businesses to find out what actually happens in boardrooms when top senior executives develop, and crucially, implement winning business strategies. 

The culmination of 100s of hours of exclusive one-to-one interviews with one hundred and fifteen of the world’s leading executives, including John F. Brock, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Justin King, Sainsbury’s, Ian Livingston, BT Group, combined with the experiences of the 80 partners of OC&C Strategy Consultants - a successful challenger brand in one of the most sophisticated markets in the consulting industry - the publication offers a succinct guide to what matters to senior business leaders when it comes to strategic success. 

With more than 30 years of experience in the consulting industry, the author, Chris Outram, founding partner of OC&C, has produced the first and only strategy publication to focus on the implementation of good strategy rather than just development, to mark the firm’s 25th anniversary.

Reflecting both the theory and practice of strategy development, Making Your Strategy Work: How to Go from Paper to People, addresses the following questions: 
  • What makes strategy development more difficult today? How the context and external environment has fundamentally changed during the last decade through globalisation, technology or regulation and what this means for the role of a CEO. 
  • What part are people playing in delivering strategic success? Whilst it is the CEO who leads the strategy development process, Outram argues that equal importance must be given to those implementing the strategy, with a particular focus on; organising for success, leadership and communications.  You cannot implement the right strategy with the wrong people.
  • What stops companies winning? With insights from 100s of years of combined experience, the book lists the common “pitfalls” which lead to  strategic failure, and how to avoid them; including having a clear long term vision and by having the confidence in changing business models in order to not be left behind.
Chris concludes with compelling advice from the senior executives of today to the business leaders of tomorrow on how to succeed in today’s dynamic and unpredictable commercial world. 

Chris Outram has been a strategy consultant for more than 30 years and in that time, he has consulted to a multitude of corporations across various industry sectors around the world.

In 1987, he co-founded OC&C Strategy Consultants, which has grown to be one of the only European-founded strategy firms to have reached scale and act as a major challenger to an otherwise US-dominated industry. OC&C now operate out of nine countries around the globe, including the USA, China, India, Germany and Brazil.  They work with leading companies across the globe, including Home Retail Group, former Cadbury Schweppes, Unilever, Oderbecht and many of the leading retailers and Private Equity houses in the world.