Chehab Wahby

International Managing Partner

It's perhaps true of every generation that there are people who feel things are changing too fast for comfort. And, in today's information age, change is certainly taking place at lightning speed. For global businesses and for consumers, the pace of change can feel overwhelming ... while for others it may be more subtle and much less detectable - a silent revolution, if you will.

No matter how much times are changing, enterprises continue to be driven by the power of relationships

This edition of our annual publication Strategic Insights is all about change and the power of relationships: from the challenge of luxury fashion brands balancing product exclusivity with commercial viability in The Times They Are A'changin' to reaching Indian consumers, the online way, in Making It Click.

Re-Assessing Industrial Footprints highlights the effects of rapid globalisation, which now influences all aspects of manufacturing, uprooting the markets addressed by most companies. In Going Places: how leading companies are breaking the mould in travel, transport and logistics, executives can find a 'playbook' which can help them succeed in the current competitive climate.

Even in the very specific market of telematics (Organising For Value) - capturing and transmitting real-time operational data from business operations - the pace of change faced by players means success may not necessarily be for those offering the most technologically superior products, but for businesses who know how to identify customer segments, develop offers with competitive pricing models and provide excellent customer service.

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