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Sector: Consumer Goods

Sub-Saharan Africa is increasingly in the limelight and for good reason. The sub-continent is on an upward economic growth trajectory, consumer affluence is rising and barriers to doing business are eroding. At OC&C, we've seen first hand how our major CPG clients are recognizing the scale of the opportunity and the importance of getting in early. Those CPG firms that aren't playing in sub-Saharan Africa are already being left behind.

Clear winners are emerging and European CPG multinationals are beating many of their US rivals

A robust strategy and management commitment are critical for success. In this article we explain why the sub-continent is attractive for the next wave of CPG globalization and takes a look at those who are already ahead of the game. We see that there are clear winners emerging and that European CPG multinationals are beating many of their US rivals, generating high margins and securing share to take advantage of future growth. We go on to lay out some thinking and experience as to how CPG firms can capitalize on the unfolding opportunity.

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