Supply Chain and Procurement

Strategy is only as good as its implementation. And the backbone of any business is its supply chain. We approach Supply Chain as an extension and enabler of the strategy of the business.

We help our clients understand how supply chain can deliver the strategy and where the supply chain provides potential strategic advantage. A strategic approach to Supply Chain can help identify where the value is in the value chain, where and how the business should participate for maximum advantage. We aspire to take supply chain from the mundane and operational to the creative and strategic, helping clients re-think their approach to supply chain and the role it can play within the business.

Procurement is often a “go to” area for quick cost reduction but is often overlooked as a key strategic lever for the business. Whilst most procurement initiatives can deliver incremental benefit in the short term, these benefits often prove fleeting. Our approach to Procurement seeks to unlock the broader economics to deliver a lasting step change in cost savings, enhance the strategic positioning of, and build capabilities within the business.

Our expertise includes: understanding supply chain economics, competitive supply chain and cost analysis and detailed “outside in” supplier cost analysis.

We embed Supply Chain and Procurement strategies by implementing change in an organization’s structures, processes and technology where necessary. Also, by helping the organization develop skills that may be missing today.