Private Equity

OC&C supports Private Equity firms and other investors throughout the investment lifecycle – from initial investment strategy and deal origination through to the disposal of assets.

We use our deep sector knowledge to identify and qualify potential M&A strategies and targets. In due diligence, we develop a comprehensive outside-in perspective, using secondary and primary research, including industry expert and customer interviews. If possible, we work with target management and other advisors to build a detailed view of the target’s performance.

After the deal, our extensive corporate performance improvement expertise is often brought to bear on the newly purchased assets (post-deal strategy, ‘100 day planning’, integration of targets into existing assets).

Subsequently, we help our clients with acceleration or turnaround strategies, provide support for re-capitalizations, and help determine optimal exit timing also in light of economic and industry sector developments (will multiples drop, or recover soon?).

Finally, we assist with the exit strategy and conduct commercial vendor due diligence (VDD) to support Private Equity firms in realizing their assets’ maximum potential value.

We work with a wide range of renowned Private Equity clients, both globally and locally.