What We Do

OC&C Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy

We work with board-level company leaders to help them deliver the best possible return to shareholders. Together, we work on a range of issues from optimising resource allocation to new market entry and acquisitions of other companies, always doing so in a way that is clear, insightful and practical.

  • Group & Portfolio Strategy

M&A and Private Equity

M&A is difficult. Deals often fail to deliver on expectations when buyer and seller are misaligned or fail to integrate effectively. We bring the experience and vision necessary to handle both of these key elements from initial target identification through to post-merger integration and performance improvement.

Strategy Realisation

Whether trying to realise an ambitious new strategy or working on an effective merger we provide the guidance and support clients need to successfully manage their most pressing problems. From clarifying scope to identifying specific enablers and providing the leadership to meet tight deadlines, we help deliver ambitious programmes for change.

OC&C Analytics


The promise of AI and analytics is great, but it often fails to deliver. We rely on our extensive experience with big data, innovative AI and machine learning approaches to help clients unravel the most complex strategy questions.